Pipe bursting

is an environmental friendly, trenchless replacement of pipelines in the same location line. We focus on static pipe bursting, because transfer of force takes place over the bar linkage, the existing pipe is destroyed rapidly and efficiently.

Pipe bursting. advantages

  • quality as good as new construction (life expectancy of over 100 years)
  • trenchless new construction
  • no loss of cross section
  • enlargement of cross section between one and two dimensions possible (depending on surrounding soil)
  • applicable for heavily damaged pipes
  • measurements like cleaning or reaming are not necessary
  • innovative and fast - avoids social costs
  • protection of worth conserving surfaces, less traffic disturbance
  • way cheaper than a new construction in open-cut method (lowering of construction time up to 50%, lowering of excavation volume up to 90%)
  • lowering of C02 emission and respirable dust (on-site traffic)