Cured-in-place pipe

CIPP Lining is an economic solution of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, which enables the renewal of defective pipelines without excavation. Whether main sewer, house connections, heating or aeration pipes – the utilized type of mobile rehabilitation is fast, flexible, jointless and durable.

Cured-in-place pipe. advantages

  • installation over exhisting manholes possible
  • little loss of cross section
  • load capacity can be improved or rebuilt
  • water inversion (no incorrect expansion)
  • hot water cured resin
  • good chemical resistance (several resin types available)
  • epoxy resin: resistant and shrinkage-free
  • applicable for drinking water
  • seamless pipe
  • rehabilitation of pressure lines
  • applicable for house connection with curves
  • applicable for long distances
  • open up inlets