Frankly. we are specialists

Rohrsanierung & Bau GmbH is your competent partner for trenchless conduit, sewer and pipe rehabilitation. No matter how complex and demanding the problem is, we offer a solution. Our extensive know-how about the importance and urgency of professional refurbishment measures, with due regard to all statutory and environmental requirements, has earned us our international reputation as a provider of trenchless technologies and refurbishment of buildings - and rightly so. The experience has accumulated the course of execution of many projects which enables us to meet and manage new challenges quickly, cleanly and without delay.

To dig or not to dig? A purely rhetorical question if pipeline rehabilitation is involved. Not to dig, of course. There is no reason that life above ground should stop just because work is being done underneath. And there are plenty of reasons to exactly do the opposite. On the surface, you and your daily routine; below ground, we executed trenchless pipeline rehabilitation in our perfectly organised routine - business as usual for both of us.

Pipeline rehabilitation without excavation (so called trenchless technology) combines economic benefits with ecological advantages. Not only fast - a renovation can take place within hours - and reasonably priced, but also with important additional advantages like no dust, no noise, no traffic jam, fewer truck movements and therefore a 15-fold reduction in CO2 emissions.