Repair of edifices and pipelines

Nothing lasts forever. This unfortunately also applies for concrete.

To protect outside facilities and streets, the rehabilitation expert offers trenchless solutions to manually repair edifices and man-entry pipelines. Depending on the size and kind of damages, the expert teams use perfect verified technologies.

Rehabilitation of edifices and pipelines

Buildings in the area of wastewater are always exposed to massiv stresses. The surface of the buildings are affected by aggressive wastewater and loose its stability and become untight. In worst cases, buildings even collapse.

You have problems with…
… untight basements in the groundwater level.
… wet walls.
… water entry during heavy rainwalls.
... untight pipelines.

To avoid this situations, buildings should be checked and damaged spots repaired. There are two different ways to repair the damages:


  • The condition of the whole building is in need of rehabilitation. (e.g.: concrete corrosion, leakage).
  • Preparation of concrete surface with sandblasting or waterplasting to the self-supporting structure.
  • Closing of punctual damages and corrosion protection for core iron.
  • Manually installation of coating or with guniting (depending on the size) material strength about ca. 1 cm.


  • If the general condition of the building is okay and it has only punctual damages (cracks, holes, water entry).
  • Water entries can be closed with injections or special sealing grout (depending on the heaviness of the water entry).


If you do not want or can not dig around your house, we offer a trenchless solution to seal damages like mentioned above.

Injection technique. our solution

The injection technique is an effective and sustainable sealing method. Depending on the problem the experts use different sealing materials like: cement, epoxy resin and gel.

All this methods are injected through the wall and guarantee a sustainble sealing against infiltrating water.