Rehabilitation counselling

You have a problem with blocked and / or broken pipelines, sewers or house connections? Our qualified rehabilitation experts support you to choose the right rehabilitation technology.

Rehabilitation counselling

Wastewater pipelines on private property are as important as pipelines of the public network and are a major part of the dewatering system.

Possible effects of defect / broken pipelines:

  • Effects on the environment
    If broken pipelines are above the ground water level, wastewater can exfiltrate into the soil. If broken pipelines are below the ground water level, water can infiltrate during heavy rainfalls. Overload of the dewatering system and the wastewater treatment plant results. 
  • Effects on fees
    If water infiltrated into the pipeline, a further load of the dewatering system occurs which highers the operating expenses and wastewater fees.
  • Effects on home-owners
    Defects can effect the property dewatering with time and cost expensive outcome. e.g. flooding of basement.

testing measurements:

  • CCTV
  • pressure testing with air oder water

pipeline rehabilitation:
Depending on the kind of damage and rehabilitation priority the technical reasonable and most economic technology will be chosen. 

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