Pipe bursting

is an environmental friendly and trenchless replacement of pipelines in the same location line. We focus on static pipe bursting, because transfer of force takes place over the bar linkage, the existing pipe is destroyed rapidly and efficiently. 

Pipe bursting. process description

60 - 600 mm pipe diameter
gas, drinking water and sewage water pipelines area of application
circular pipe profile
sections up to 150 – 200 meters per day length
steal, iron, ductile cast iron, concrete, GRP; PE, PVC, stoneware pipe material

Pipe bursting. the procedure

Static pipe bursting method – in a minimum sized installation shaft (starting pit) a steam (Quick-Lock-Steam) is pushed into the existing pipeline. In the receiving pit the roller blade with expansion head (+ accessories) with the new pipeline hanging on, is installed. Through simple static pulling of the steam, tough materials (like steel, ductile cast iron, PE) are cut open and brittle materials (like GG, stoneware, concrete, AZ) are broken in shards and pushed in the surrounding soil radially .

The new pipeline (made out of PE-HD, PP-HM, ductile cast iron, stoneware and GRP) is retracted in the same workflow. The expansion head is a little bigger than the new pipeline. Due to the ladder shape of the steam, a 100% power transmission is warranted.

Pipe bursting. further information