Punctual rehabilitation. process description

100 - 500 mm manual rehabilitation
gravity lines, rain water and waste water pipes pipe diameter
circular, egg shaped area of application
sections between 0,5 to 5 meters length
nearly all prevalent pipe materials pipe material
punctual damages like wholes or root intrusions, radial cracks, burst pipe, corrosion damage range of application

Punctual rehabilitation. procedure

Impregnation of glass fibre element on site. The two-component-resin provides a solid bond on wet surfaces. The glass fibre element is placed on the packer and prepared for installation, which is executed via existing manhole. The packer is transported to the damaged spot with a manual slide rod or a winch. Placing of the packer happens under control of camera monitoring. 

Tränkung des Liners
Liner wird auf Packer befestigt
Packer wird über den Schacht eingebaut

Thereafter the packer is filled with air (0,5 to 2 bar) therefrom the glass fibre mat is pressed tight against the inner surface, creating a solid bond.

The curing process is CCTV controlled and takes up to three hours. Body connections and inlets are opened up with robots. Dewatering is not necessary, the packer is designed as flow packer.

Punctual rehabilitation. advantages

  • stops every infiltration responsibly
  • closes cracks, inlets and holes
  • cost-efficient
  • camera monitored installation
  • less loss of cross-section
  • improves static bearing capacity
  • resistant to corrosion

Punctual rehabilitation. further information