Manhole repairs

is usullay executed in the course of a pipeline rehabilitation and guarantees a safe descend into the sewer and protects against in- and exfiltration.

Manhole repairs. the procedure

The surface material, which consists of GRP, profiles mortar, Ergelit K1 und K2, is spread on the inner surface of the shaft, where it cures to a compact surface.

Coating with mortar and Ergelit (cement)

Due to the manual coating, there are no restrictions in the manhole geometry. It is possible to rehabilitate a manhole with all kinds of shapes.

Coating with GRP
The manhole is covered with pre-fabricated GRP liner and completed with hand lay-up laminate.

Both coating variations ask for new installation of C.I. steps.

Manhole cover frame and cover can be changed as well.

Manhole rehabilitation. further information