High capacity pump

"We are ready for you to pump" - the reliable companion when executing trenchless conduit rehabilitation, sewer rehabilitation and pipeline rehabilitation!

High capacity pump. the performance

To perform dewatering or re-routing of water and wastewater in main sewers, pressure pipelines and sewers as well as to pump out flooded basements and houses we offer a low-noise diesel-wastewater-vacuum pumping unit "DIVA 350" with a pumping capacity of 200 liter per second.  

This pump is especially suited for contaminated water with solid contents (feces and incurstations), that's why it is predominantly used for dewatering of conduit, sewers and pipeline rehabilitation.

Further fields of application:

  • Overpumping during CCTV inspection.
  • Manual inspection to develop a rehabilitation concept.

Facts of DIVA 350:

  • pumping capacity: 200 l/s
  • length of liner or pipeline up to: 500 meter
  • space required: small truck
  • the pump can be rented per hour or day
  • including one worker (to regularly install and controll) the pump